Hey, I’m Caleb.


I seek out and celebrate dedication to improvement and the joy that accompanies pursuit. I'm grateful to work with a variety of talented teams, from world-class brands like lululemon, YETI, and Onnit, to Olympic athletes dedicated to being the top in their sport, to local brands dedicated to offering their customers unparalleled service, I'm continually impressed with their unwavering dedication to improvement, and grateful to be able to contribute.

I approach photography as a sculptor approaches a block of marble. “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery). A perfect photograph communicates with every element and contains nothing superfluous. Whether working with a team of creatives to execute a shared vision, or providing everything from concept to retouching, I love the process of honing the message.

My photography career began when I was a small child when I made my first camera—a small piece of 2"x4" with a hole drilled through the center and a nail as the shutter button. But I promise not to bring that on a commercial shoot (unless you'd like to inspect its fine craftsmanship). 

As a self-taught photographer, my drive to create beautiful images is deep seated. My <300 student liberal arts college (not a typo) didn't offer a photography program, so in 2009 I took it upon myself to get serious about teaching myself the craft. "Self-taught" has always felt like a somewhat disingenuous descriptor; I learned from the people around me and from people on the internet.

Mastering any craft is having a skill set and a tool set that can get the job done; I've primed myself to be able to solve problems. The ability to be flexible and adapt is as important as having the vision in the first place. On location or in studio, you'll see my passion for my craft.