Making My Photography Print Portfolio (video)

Creating photographs is only half the process; the other half is sharing them. While the internet (like this very website that you're on right now) is fast and convenient for this, nothing tops the experience of holding a thoughtfully built collection of printed images.

A printed portfolio is equally about both sharing the images themselves, and the experience of the physical presentation. The details matter, so I did everything I could to create a pleasing experience from start to finish.

This is a fast-paced video showing a glimpse into how I built my professional photography portfolio. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments! 

Key info:

Portfolio case: Ice Nine Portfolio from Lost Luggage - 11"x17" in black paper resin
Printer: Canon Pro1000
Paper: Moab Lasal Photo Matte 235 - 13x"19" sheets cut down to 11"x17.75, scored, and punched.
Scoring board: Scor-Pal SP108 
Paper trimmer: Rotatrim Professional M20

Caleb Kerr