Is a 32” 4K Display Too Big for Photo Editing?

I’ve been living in the dark ages, editing on a 1440p iMac for the last 6.5 years.

Now that I’ve replaced my 2014 MacBookPro and 2012 iMac with a loaded up 2018 MacBookPro, I’m adding a 4K monitor into the mix (and I’m stoked).

I wanted to build my ideal setup, but wasn’t sure if a 27” or 32” 4K display was the best fit. I did my homework and found that BenQ made the monitors I wanted, so I reached out to them, and they loaned me a 27” and 32” for comparison and review.

Here, I give you my thoughts on the BenQ SW271 and SW320, and how I chose between two appealing options.

Purchase links:

BenQ SW271 (27" 4K)

BenQ SW320 (32" 4K)

Other World Computing (OWC) 14 Port Thunderbolt 3 hub

Twelve South BookArc

Logitech Craft keyboard

Logitech MX Master 2S mouse

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Caleb Kerr is an action and outdoor photographer based in Austin, TX, specializing in creating photography for brands that support active lives. Portfolio: Instagram: @calebkerr.

Caleb Kerr